No Restrictions and Full Control in Sitia Homes

Restrictions on the purchase of houses for a foreigner are minimal. Another thing is how to seize the opportunity and where to buy housing? Depends on the tasks. If a residence permit is obtained and there is a need to find employment, if you need proximity to a particular school where the child goes, and business requires a developed infrastructure, it is better to settle in the mainland. But an immigrant strife, so that someone, on the contrary, it is more convenient to live near the sea and conduct business where there are most tourists. So the first criterion is to make the level of comfort of living and the degree of proximity to objects that are significant to you. From sitia homes you can now get the best deals.

How to choose a property in Greece

Because of the language barrier, many find it difficult to choose a property to buy. Not all sites offer all real estate options – residential, land, office buildings. Some buyers are looking for small islands to buy, but do not find. The simplest solution is to contact the agency for the selection of housing or business objects. However, it is important to take into account the duration of work in this niche, otherwise you may encounter fraudsters.

The company of real estate offers services for the selection of apartments, town houses, cottages, islands, villas, land. In the twelve years of its existence, the company has more than a hundred real estate sales in various price segments. The site posted positive feedback on cooperation.

It is important that the company’s offices are located in the major cities. This makes it possible to control the processes on both sides. The staff includes not only lawyers, but also engineers and architects who can control the quality of the chosen property.

The buying process

The company’s activities are absolutely transparent and all payments are registered on the site. When signing the contract, additional items will not appear in small print that will oblige to new payments.

When concluding a property purchase transaction, you need to go through the following steps:

  • draw up a general power of attorney for an authorized lawyer with a notary so that you can conclude a sale and purchase transaction
  • open a TIN and a bank account – this is done by an authorized lawyer
  • Carry out a detailed check of the purchase object in the Real Estate Register. This is necessary to make sure that the property is not pledged
  • the tax office to draw up a tax return on the sale of real estate
  • sign the main contract of sale
  • Receive a full package of documents

Prices per square meter

Few understand that it is more profitable to buy property per square meter. The site there is a convenient filter in which you can set the desired price, area of ​​the room and choose the appropriate option. You can also choose the type of property, floors and region.

Full information about the amount of taxes in Greece, the necessary documents for the purchase and payment of services Real Estate can be found on the website

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