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The well-known heated towel rails are divided into three types: water-heated towel rails, including tubular stainless steel, heated towel rails made of ordinary black steel, brass or coated copper, electric towel dryers and universal double-circuit towel rails, sometimes called combined towel dryers. Dual heated towel rails in their design combine the technical characteristics of electric and water heated towel rails. How to choose the right towelrail, what to look for, what type is right for you, we will consider in this article.

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In its total mass, apart from exclusive models, heated towel rails do not have significant external differences, have a horseshoe-shaped or undulating form, and an uninformed person is unlikely to be able to determine what type a particular towel dryer belongs to. However, towel warmers require the choice of no less attention than any other plumber. Just like all plumbing, towel warmers can work efficiently, with low returns or not at all working under certain conditions. For the best in plumber singapore this is important.

  • Before you start choosing towel warmers, you need to understand how they work. For example, water heated towel rails can be connected to both the heating system and hot water supply. If you plan to install water heated towel rails in a city apartment, then you will need to decide which connection option is most convenient for you. It is clear that water heated towel rails connected to the heating system will perform their functions only during the heating season, and connecting the heated towel rail to the hot water system will enable it to work all year round, except for those days when hot water is turned off for preventive purposes or in case of an accident . If in your apartment hot water supply is provided with a gas flow column, then in this case there is only one option – in this situation water heated towel rails can only be connected to the heating system.
  • In that case, if you still need to towel warmers worked year-round, or you do not live in an apartment, but in a country house, where there is no centralized hot water supply and heating, then the best choice would be an electric towel dryer. The electric heated towel rail functions on the principle of an electric heater, i.e. it is connected to a conventional 220-volt power supply network, due to which the heating element is activated inside the pipe. Choosing this type of appliance, you should calculate your ability to pay for electricity and choose the appropriate model of towel warmer. A small electric towel warmer can have a capacity of 100 watts, and models designed to provide heating for large bathrooms can consume 1500 watts or more.

Remember that an electric heated towel rail is first and foremost an electrical appliance, and its operating conditions must be strictly observed. For the best in electrician singapore this is important. The conditions required by this device are good electrical wiring, where the cross-section of copper twisted wire should not be less than 2 mm, a properly grounded outlet and, most importantly, reliable wiring insulation, given that it is located in a damp room. We must say that the electric towel warmer deserves a few more words in its favor. First, it can be equipped with a thermostat, which is naturally very convenient. Secondly, you can choose an electric heated towel rail with a decorative screen that closes the pipes and decorates the interior.

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